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We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality copy that suits its intended purpose. Our first draft is prepared, reviewed by another experienced writer, then sent off to the client for feedback – which is then used to tweak or rewrite the work into what is hopefully the perfect piece.

But what happens when we feel that the feedback won’t improve the work? Most feedback we receive is very smart and astute, and obviously our clients know their business better than anyone. We always listen to what has been suggested, and are never precious about making changes to our work. That said, if we decide a suggested change is detrimental to your piece we’ll tell you, and it’s likely to be for one of these reasons:

1. You can’t English like that

Occasionally we get asked to make changes that are just bad English – if we can see that the thrust of the change is something else we’ll edit accordingly, but otherwise we’ll drop in a comment saying it’s incorrect and leave it as it was. If you’d like further explanation, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re always happy to explain English grammar and sentence structure – it’s our bread and butter.

2. It’s just too much information

Stuffing your sentences with extra words and your paragraphs with added detail often weakens the impact and dilutes your message. You know best what you need to include, but if we feel something isn’t necessary and it weakens your message, we’ll advise you to leave it out. Less is often more if you want your text to be read and remembered.

3. Words have power and we know how to wield them

We don’t like to pull rank, but we know you’re hiring professional writers for a reason. If your change will make the writing less effective, we’ll tell you. Usually we can explain exactly why, but every so often it’s just down to the feel of the language – we know which words sound right, and how seemingly small changes can destroy the sentence flow.

Trust us. According to our customers, our confidence to say “no” when necessary is one of the most valued things about working with us. We want you to be happy, and we know you’ll be happiest if the final piece is as good as it can possibly be – the collaborative result of your business expertise and our copywriting craftsmanship.

Did you know copywriters have superpowers? At least in our heads we do – read on!