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If a brand is a customer’s gut feeling about a product, service or company, then my associations with Fiskars are as close to the ideal as a brand could hope for.

Born in Los Angeles, California, I spent most of my childhood in Pakistan, where my father’s work took us.

Throughout those years, there were a few key possessions that I associated with home. One of the most important was a set of Fiskars blunt-tip scissors for children.

From their balance, to the turquoise (if my memory serves me correctly) handle, they were a lesson in clean, elegant product design. There they sat, in a cup filled with pens, used over and over again, packed up and moved around, moved again.

It wasn’t until many years later that I learned the history and background of Fiskars, here in Finland, and more about what the company is all about. But by then it didn’t matter anyway. I knew what Fiskars meant to me – trusted, playful, the highest quality, beautiful, and enduring.

Fiskars is a Finnish brand, but what benefits do Finnish design bring to the rest of the world? Find out in Made in Finland.