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Every brand has a story to tell.

From the need its products or services fill, to the reasons it was created in the first place, there’s always something to connect it to consumers and highlight why it matters.

What consumers then do with that is, to a great extent, out of a brand’s control. But it all starts with one clear, consistent story.

Everything you do and say reflects your brand and who you are, so it’s important that it all works together. That means clear, coherent and credible messages are a must.

Too often a company has an incredible product and an inspiring story, but a terrible sales brochure. Or an amazing forum, a dynamic speaker, but a shoddy keynote presentation.

When it comes to creating and earning trust, your call center is as important as your app; your product design as important as your sales presentation. So you need to spend some time to make sure they all work perfectly together.

Building trust through real, authentic interactions doesn’t happen overnight, with a single press release or one great pair of shoes. This is a sustained effort, over time and at every touchpoint.

Do you know who you are, why you’re different, and why people want your products or services? Do you have a clear and coherent message? Are you building credibility at every step?

A note on tone

And don’t forget, the right tone is vital. At its best, it helps create a positive feeling and tell a consistent story about your company and what it stands for. Find out why tone really matters.