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Are you in need of top-notch sales and marketing material? Here are some questions you might want to ask any potential agency to ensure they have their priorities straight:

How many skateboards/hoverboards/mini-scooters are currently in the reception?

A seriously underrated stat, the number of wheeled conveyance devices will instantly let you know where your agency ranks.

Do I need a beard to enter your office?

Surprisingly, no! Tattoos however are required.

Do I have to deal with the creatives directly?

Of course not. We’ll assign an account manager so you have someone normal to talk to.

Are these ad industry awards on the wall real?

They are! Whether they mean anything is a totally different discussion.

Is it compulsory to use a Mac?

Wait, you mean there are other kinds of computers?

Would your current customers recommend you?

Uh, did we mention how many skateboards are in the reception?

For an alternative set of priorities, check out our six Cs. (Of course, we wouldn’t mind an office hoverboard if you’re feeling generous.)