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All copywriters share a love of words. I’ve written before about some that are great fun to say, in a haberdashery kerfuffle accompanied by an erinaceous illustration. Want to hear a few more? This time let’s go obscure, really obscure.

A mid 19th century word for a pocket handkerchief. Very useful for the current cold and flu season.

The emotional release gained through swearing. We’ve all been there!

A state of semi-consciousness or reverie. Such as “I should be finishing this work off but I’m in a dwam”.

A string of symbols used to replace a swearword: @€%$#&! Using a grawlix probably won’t give you lalochezia, unfortunately.

Avoiding the things you need to do by wasting time on details. Like teenage me: “I’ve not done any revision yet, but behold the artistic awesomeness of my revision timetable”.

Idly watching the comings and goings on a canal. Perfect for when you’re in a dwam.

To put something off until the day after tomorrow. Ideal for when procrastination isn’t avoidance enough.

Maybe it’s not too late to rescue some of these words – I’ll do my bit by sharing my quiddling with colleagues, and never using a tissue when a snottinger will do. It does make me wonder though: which words we use today will be in the obscure lists of the future?

I’ll start making a list.