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If you’re hiring someone to create great content for you, you want your audience to feel like it’s coming from you and not some faceless agency or content farm – after all, it’s your content. So what should you be looking out for when selecting a copywriter?

A good copywriter is not only persuasive, she’s able to very quickly get to know you, your goals and most importantly your audience; she knows how to create content that gets inside their heads – and hearts – and persuade them to do what you want them to.

Good writing is all about creativity, knowledge and skill; but a great copywriter supplements these learned qualities with empathy and understanding – personality traits that simply can’t be taught.

So go with your gut feeling – if a copywriter seems to get you, chances are she’ll get your followers too.


What brings your audience closer to your brand?  It’s all in the story – see how it works!