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In Markkinointi&Mainonta, Richard von Kaufmann of Vaikutustoimisto Zipipop Freud argued that Finnish brands are missing a trick. While there is a growing demand globally for better quality, longer-lasting products, this is not necessarily something the world knows is a defining feature of many high-quality Finnish brands.

Sure, one Finnish product had a definite reputation for durability. Nokia phones – and particularly the Nokia 3310 – were so famous for being indestructible that it became a popular internet meme. Only Chuck Norris could break a Nokia 3310.

But what about other Finnish products? A lot of Finnish companies do emphasise their Made in Finland heritage – but they don’t explain to their international audience why this is a benefit and what it really means. Finland might be known for its superior design, but is it known for making products that stand the test of time?

The fact is, there are many great Finnish companies building world-class products – and they’re building them right here in Finland. We work with many industry-leading companies that design, build and assemble everything under just one roof. These Finnish companies are committed to the best possible quality, using only the finest materials and facilities to ensure their products are built to last. And having everyone in one place means R&D, production and packaging are all just a short walk from one another, ensuring better quality control.

Products from Finnish companies are often excellent investments too – far more likely to be sold or passed on than ever thrown away. It’s a selling point worth talking about: in a world desperate to move on from throwaway culture, high-quality Finnish design could – and perhaps should – be the first choice for consumers worldwide.

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