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Just stop and think for a second – what do you read more often, novels or reference books?

If the latter, you’re a rare and beautiful bird, but the truth is that most of us would rather spend our spare time enjoying a good yarn than brushing up on our knowledge of European locomotives of the 1950s.

And that doesn’t change when we’re making a buying decision either. So if you want to let your audience know that you have what they’re looking for, knowing how to tell them a story is an effective way to grab their attention.

Here are four reasons why:

Facts are boring, stories are entertaining

We love stories – they’re fun, and they make us want to keep listening. Solid facts and dry information can be important in a purchase decision, but when it comes down to it, you need to interest your audience to get them onside. Stories are the best way to do just that.

Stories are easier to remember

One of the techniques most commonly used by memory experts to remember a sequence of numbers, symbols or words is to turn them into a story – this makes them easier to recall later during memory contests or parties.

People engage with your message if it’s told as a story

Humans have an emotional connection with stories – that’s why we’ve always used them to pass on useful information, warnings and other important messages. So if you can work a story into your product presentation, it’s much more likely to be a hit.

Storytellers are more popular than knowledgeable people

Who would you rather get to know at a social gathering – the girl who’s showing photos from her recent trip to Nepal, or the accountant who’s keen to describe auditing best practices? Exactly.

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