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It seems there’s a writer around every corner, which is great news if you need some text written. But is there really a difference between someone who writes well and a great business copywriter – and how much does it matter?

Marketing executives far and wide would love to know whether being picky about their copywriters genuinely makes the difference when it comes to the things that count – sales, image and brand engagement. Should you go for the best possible quality or just get the job done?

Here are four reasons why the quality of your content matters now more than ever before:

  1. It’s getting harder and harder to attract audience attention, both online and off
  2. Content sticks around longer these days, so it can have a lasting impact on your brand
  3. Great content can be shared again and again, in many ways
  4. For your audience, high-quality content implies high-quality products and services

Here’s the lowdown – if you want your audience to believe that you maintain high quality levels in everything you do and be attracted to your offering, your website and promotional content are a vital part of that. And that means hiring a writer who’s able to listen to you and understand what you want to achieve, then reframe that into compelling, persuasive content that matches your style – and standards.

Want to know more about choosing a great copywriter? It’s more than just words.