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Here at Tenfour, we always pursue the best possible quality. It’s what we’ve built our reputation on and it’s the reason so many of Finland’s top companies turn to us for help.

One of the ways we assure top-notch results is our in-house peer review process. Everything we create is checked by at least one member of our team, from the first draft to the last.

And when a new brief comes in, we review the initial thoughts and first impressions our colleagues come up with just to make sure we’re starting off on the right note. We believe this is key to ensuring better ideas – and better results.

That means we can’t be too sensitive around here. You can never be too precious about your work – your favorite idea just might be the first one cut, dismissed, or taken behind the woodshed.

It’s important to swallow your pride and listen carefully. A different perspective on things will make it all better in the end.

The fact is, we believe that teamwork is the key to outstanding quality – and that means thick skins all round.

Now, time to send this one off for review. Charlie, can you come up with a better title? Be gentle!

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