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When you’re on the lookout for a professional to create content for your business, what’s the best route to go? Seek out a lone freelancer, or explore your options with an agency? The latter may at first appear to be the least economical option, but when you choose the agency route you’re getting much more than just the person who’s assigned to your project.

The advantages of working with a skilled collective

Don’t get me wrong, there are undoubtedly great solo writers out there, but with a team the whole is most definitely greater than the sum of its parts. Grammar sticklers, super-fast editors, creative cannons who’ll jump in and have a go at anything, ponderous content creators who like to take their time and walk before they run. Different projects call for different skills. At Tenfour, as a team we’re all of these at once – just as with a beehive or coral reef, a collective that does its best work as a cohesive entity, spurring our colleagues on to greater things.

Sure, you might have a single writer assigned to your project in name, but scratch the surface and behind them is an experienced team ready to help make your content the best it can be. Our years of experience have taught us that however good an individual copywriter may be – and we have some great ones here – when it comes to creating content that hits home every time, you simply can’t beat the power of a team.

As we’ve said before, choosing the right copywriter really does make a big difference when it comes to quality and producing content that gets noticed. So why settle for just one great copywriter when you can have a whole team instead?