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Rebranding – a risky, unnecessary expense and a waste of time. Well, at least that’s the general opinion I’ve run into on many occasions. A lot of companies and individuals see it as a scary word, encompassing this huge, tedious project in which they sink a lot of money over months that drag on for ages, at the end of which – nobody’s happy.

On the contrary, the process doesn’t have to be as stressful or expensive as it’s often misperceived. Part of my job is convincing our clients to just relax, trust us, and enjoy the adventure. My advice to approaching a rebranding project, on any scale, is to keep it simple, be consistent, and don’t be afraid to explore.

“What if it flops?”

A knee-jerk reaction I’ve encountered a few times is companies that keep changing their visual identity every couple of years because the rebrand somehow “didn’t work”. Don’t do it! Not every rebrand is a success right away. It takes time getting used to change, both for the company itself and its customers. Rebranding requires patience, thoughtful development, and an honest, intense look at your company. It also takes 100% commitment to the change in every aspect of your company materials, from their look and feel to the way you talk about your business.

Have a look on Rebrand for some rebranding showcases. They collect case studies on major brand remakes on a huge scale. Every year they release a new collection of highlights – this is their 2013 collection.