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Henri Matisse might not have been too far off when he wrote, “A certain blue enters your soul. A certain red has an effect on your blood-pressure.” The Week published an article featuring several facts about how seeing red affects us physically and mentally – whether we consciously notice those effects or not.

Red’s a great color. It’s one of my personal favorites. Violence, lust, anger, riches, joy, chaos, love and danger – no other color boasts such a wide, passionate assortment of emotions and connotations. Not only are the color associations plentiful, they are across the board of positive to negative. Humans have a long history with red. The color’s a lot like yellow in that regard. They’re both amongst the earliest colors we were able to harness and use in our day-to-day lives.

In corporate brands, businesses like Coke and Levi’s use red to loudly declare their energy, confidence, and strength. In contrast, film and television often uses red in murderous and lustful symbolism. Design has always featured a lot of red in edgy, bold ways.

(RED) is a charity that takes the color a step further, pairing with iconic brands and organizations to generate money for the Global Fund’s HIV/AIDS program. (RED)-branded products will one day become iconic themselves – as the funds being generated are incredible.

And on a lighter note, women apparently see more shades of red than men.