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If you’ve worked with Tenfour you’ll know that things tend to run pretty smoothly, with a minimum of fuss and few iterations. Meetings with us are shorter and first drafts returned sooner than expected. But how do we manage it? We put it down to the six Cs.

At Tenfour, we live by being:


Our job is to help you get your messages across. We speak in a way your audience understands, using the right terms and relevant arguments. We hate text that sounds clever but doesn’t actually mean anything. What’s the point? First things first – know what the point is, communicate it clearly, then (if needed) add spice to taste.


Why say it in 100 words if ten will do? Unlike translators, we don’t get paid by the word, so there’s nothing in it for us. We get paid for good copy and we’re not fans of fluff.


It should go without saying that a team of native copywriters – each with a minimum of 12 years’ experience – should get the basics right. But just in case we miss the odd thing, everything we write is always checked by a second writer. So when you review our work, the last thing you need to worry about is grammatical errors and typos.


Just because we write clearly, concisely and correctly, it doesn’t mean there’s no room for creativity. We primarily work for B2B customers, but all our work is read by humans who get tired of hearing the same old clichés. Who said we can’t make your industrial product sound sexy? Ok, not this sexy.


We’ve conducted several customer satisfaction surveys over the years and one comment that we always hear is that people appreciate the fact we’re not yes-men. If we think that something you’re really keen on doesn’t work we’ll tell you – and explain why. We’re quite happy to say no when needed and ask those awkward questions: we believe that as experts it’s simply part of our job. Of course, this is made easier by the fact that we have long and solid relationships with most of our customers. Which brings me on to point number six.


We like to think we’re close to our customers. Not only because we’re a nice bunch of down-to-earth people who are easy to get along with, but because of our flat hierarchy. So flat that we don’t have one. When you work with Tenfour you’ll always be communicating directly with the writers and designers working on your project, with no need to go through project managers or account managers. This means that everyone is on the same page and you get to know and trust the whole team. And it saves you money.