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There’s a perfect word for every circumstance, from the simple fun of capers, to the archaic delightfulness of gloaming.

I think everyone who works with words probably has a few favourites. I’m yet to work “mittens” into any of my copy, but something about its inherent warmth and friendliness makes me smile.

I’m also a big fan of the word “teapot”. Roll it around in your mouth: the long, drawn out “tea” and the firm full stop of “pot”. It’s just fun to say.

Some more that I can’t get enough of: psychopomp, parallelogram, counterfeit, fecundity, dirigible, vagabond, lugubrious, sundry, wastrel, sycophant, atrium, exacerbate, smock. Go ahead, read that list slowly – enjoy them.

Of course, I wouldn’t admit to having these words at hand in an actual list. But if I did, I’d visit it regularly to delight in their sounds and feel: curmudgeon, turpitude, flabbergast and falafel are all tremendously fun to say out loud.

Other words that are most definitely not listed right here in front of me: cantankerous, extrapolate, blurt, dichotomy, rigmarole, brouhaha, soporific, scuttle, draconian, eschew, perpendicular, liminal – they’re all wonderful.

Finding just the right word when you’re writing can be frustrating, but the feeling when you find the right one is unbeatable. Euphoric, even, which is also on my list of favourites. Indubitably.

Do you have a favourite word? Tell me in a comment below and share the joy. And, hey, if you need someone to write you some copy with mittens in – or even teapot for that matter – please do get in touch!