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Here at Tenfour our copywriters have superpowers. Seriously.

Sadly it’s all the same one – none of us can walk through walls or anything like that – but what we do all have is the ability to make any topic interesting. And that helps us create compelling content for our clients whatever industry they happen to be in. Once we’ve found our spark, we share that enthusiasm through our writing, passing it on to our customer’s customers.

Don’t believe me? Honestly, everything is fascinating. In a previous job I was working for a customer who sold concrete. No-one else there wanted to work with them because they thought the subject matter was too boring. More fool them, I thought.

Did you know that after water, concrete is the most commonly used substance in the world? And the oldest known man-made concrete mix dates back to 500 BC?

It’s extremely interesting stuff.

Challenge us, go on. Is your business often seen as difficult or dry? We’ll use our powers to create compelling content whatever the subject matter. It may not be the most impressive superpower out there, but our customers seem to like it.

From bitumen to beanbags, neuroleadership to nori, give us something new to geek out over. All you need to do is get in touch.

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