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We help companies inform, inspire and influence people.

We create marketing communications material that engages your customers and moves them to take action.

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Nothing speaks louder than a strong track record.

When it comes to brochures, web stuff, white papers, presentations and other marketing communications material Tenfour is the first choice for many of Finland’s most successful companies.

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Teamwork is the key to our outstanding quality.

Our copywriters and graphic designers sit around the same table and work closely together to make sure words and images complement each other perfectly.

And only the best will do. That’s why everything we create is challenged and improved by other members of our highly experienced team before it goes out.

Ian Hamilton
Co-founder, copywriter

Timppa Airaksinen
Partner, graphic designer

Charlie Bass

Sam Down

Travis Larson

Fiona Mäkinen

Amanda Thurman

No one does it like us.

Our focus on international audiences is what sets us apart. Since 2006 we’ve built a reputation as the best team of English-language copywriters in town.

We believe in direct communication so you’ll always deal directly with a copywriter or graphic designer – no need to go through a project manager.